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Counseling Services in Morris County

Below is a description of counseling services available to clients and families in Morris County and Northern New Jersey. The supportive, comfortable and patient friendly environment promotes participation in the therapeutic process:

Individual Counseling:

A comprehensive assessment is conducted during initial phase. A behaviorally specified treatment plan will be tailored for each individual outlining the expected treatment outcome. The treatment plan will list personal goals and time frame for attaining the goals. Individual psychotherapy is applied when addressing psychological needs stemming from a variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, anger management and other behavioral issues.

With regard to addiction and chemical dependency the treatment plan will include an individualized relapse prevention plan specifying clearly what needs to occur in order to initiate sobriety and begin long term recovery. When indicated collaboration with the Center’s consulting psychiatrist will be facilitated for further assessment and medication evaluation.

Crisis intervention/stabilization:

Sudden crisis situation have a great impact on one’s functioning. It also has a great potential for positive changes and growth. The goal in providing crisis intervention is to stabilize the situation and begin to enable the process of individual growth towards optimal wellness and functioning. Collaborative work with Morris County mental health providers as well as referral and information services throughout north New Jersey is included when addressing a crisis situation for the individual patient and the family.

Relapse Prevention Planning:

When drug and /or alcohol abuse results in serious disruption in daily living i.e. health and nutrition, occupation, legal issues, relationships with loved ones, it is critical to minimize the harm caused by chemical dependency. At the Morris County Wellness and Recovery Center you can expect to develop a personal plan that will provide you with the concrete steps you need to take in order to stop the use of drugs or alcohol and begin pursuit of long term sobriety and recovery. Special emphasis is given to skills development in this area and restoration of age appropriate functional skills. Oftentimes individual counseling is conducted in conjunction with group therapy which further complements the patient’s treatment.

Group therapy services:

A number of groups are available to address the special needs of our Morris County Wellness and Recovery Center’s clients:  Potential group members require an individual assessment/screening prior to enrollment. Group therapy may be combined with individual counseling when indicated. All groups require a minimum numbers of participants. All groups are scheduled during evening hours.

Social skills/socialization group: 

A group designed to help participants to acquire interpersonal relationship skills. The group provides the participants with an opportunity to interact with others and learn through practice effective interactive communication skills. The friendly spirit of the group helps members to overcome shyness and anxiety associated with social situations. This is a time limited group in which practice of social interaction is encouraged in a supportive environment. The group leaders model how to manage various common social situations and provide personal coaching to participants. “Homework” assignments ensure that participants practice social skills between group sessions.

 Sober Living:  

This group is geared to support individuals in early recovery. The goal of the group is to identify and re-enforce lifestyle changes that result in sober living and improved quality of life. The group meets weekly. Participants are likely to have detox and substance abuse treatment history, i.e., day treatment programs, intensive outpatient services, inpatient detox, etc.
Participants will be assessed and screened prior to enrollment and the individual lifestyle changes will be outlined with each person.

Recovery 101:   

This group is aimed at increasing the knowledge base about the many factors involved in sobriety and recovery from chemical dependency. The group provides ongoing support to members who are beginning to assume a sober lifestyle. The group is conducted as an educational workshop and participants are encouraged to learn and share their knowledge about recovery with each other. Group facilitators provide educational information about recovery and wellness. Members interested in continuing their recovery/ sobriety maintenance efforts can be referred to local fellowship meetings (12 steps groups) throughout North New Jersey.

 “Quit and Stay Quit Group”:

If you tried quit smoking repeatedly with little success, it’s not because you fail. It is because Nicotine is a powerful addictive drug that even will power cannot defeat. This is why our certified clinical staff trained specifically in Tobacco Treatment will support your quit efforts with NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) as well as individual and group treatment approaches. A comprehensive Nicotine assessment in conjunction with medical consult will ensure optimal individualized treatment that is tailored per the amount of cigarettes per day you smoke. The group counseling provided at the Center is aimed to provide you with peer support with the sole goal of quitting and staying quit!

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