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Roni Zarbiv, MSW, LCSW
Individual and Family Counseling

Roni Zarbiv, A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has been practicing more than 25 years. His extensive clinical experience has enabled him to assist many of his clients to move forward towards emotional wellness, recovery and an improved quality of life. Roni's integrative approach to treatment has helped many of his clients to make lifestyle changes and incorporate recovery principles in their everyday lives. As a psychotherapist, Roni specialized in three major areas:
~ counseling of teenagers and adults to help cope with emotional / behavioral difficulties
~ substance abuse and sobriety / recovery maintenance and
~ special needs populations, namely people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Roni Zarbiv's work with adolescents and adults includes working with ADHD, anger management and coping with anxiety and mood disorders, stress reduction and self esteem and relationships enhancement. His professional style involves engaging and motivating his clients so that progress is made as rapidly as possible. Within his clinical practice many principles of cognitive behavioral therapy as well as mind and body are well integrated to meet individuals needs and to empower clients striving to make positive changes.   

Being a clinical service provider developmentally disabled and their families Roni's practice has centered on helping his clients develop coping skills and strategies to optimize the quality of their daily living. Throughout the years Roni has developed unique expertise helping people with special needs to develop and strengthen functional daily living skills in various domains; i.e. interpersonal / socialization, sexuality, symptom management, as well as substance abuse issues affecting this special population. Roni performs specialized assessments for people with developmental disabilities including comprehensive psycho-sexual evaluation, behavioral and functional assessments and psychosocial evaluations.  

As the Director of Behavioral Health Services for a large agency in NYC, Mr. Zarbiv has presented at many professional conferences and has shared his experience with other providers of service as a facilitator of staff trainings and consultation with program development.  Additionally, he has provided the student leadership of Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia with assessment tools for parents challenged with indigent circumstances.  

Roni is a leader in the area of integrated services across patient groups including mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities.  

Roni Zarbiv