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Individual and Family Counseling of Northwest, NJ

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Welcome to the Individual and Family Counseling Center of Northwest NJ 

The Individual and Family Counseling Center is dedicated to addressing the needs of residents of Morris County and the neighboring communities in Northern New Jersey.  The Center provides professional counseling to those who are noticing that day-to-day life is becoming increasingly more stressful and difficult because of emotional problems like anxiety and depression and anger.

If your teenage child seems to be influenced by peer pressure to drink alcohol, smoke Marijuana and, as his/her parent you are feeling helpless, then professional help may be the answer you have been seeking!
People suffering from anxiety and depression often have a sense of inadequacy. A low self esteem generally interferes with enjoying  everyday life activities at home, school or at work.  Individual therapy is often a good place to start to rebuild your self esteem and begin to take control of your life.
Many individuals tend to cope with their depression, anxiety or relationship problems by drinking or using drugs.  Alcohol and Substance Abuse can make these issues much worse.      
The first step of recovery is often the hardest step. Initiating a call for counseling at the Center will empower you to begin your recovery with the professional and compassionate care your sobriety requires.
For more detailed information about the Center’s supportive individual and group therapy for alcohol and drug abuse please CLICK HERE.

The individual and group therapy offered at the Center are aimed to address issues related to coping and managing stress, improving ability to deal with anxiety and excessive worrying and helping individuals manage relationships with loved ones.   These issues often are directly linked to Alcohol and Substance Abuse.   The Morris County Wellness and Recovery Center specializes in providing comprehensive care to improve your mental, emotional and physiological quality of life.

The Center’s commitment to the health of our clients is enhanced by the smoking cessation program. Recognizing the addictive element in tobacco use we support the individual’s effort to quit smoking by making NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) treatment available. In addition to supportive motivational counseling the patient will be provided with comprehensive evaluation and plan to assist with cessation efforts and make behavioral changes so as to abstain from smoking.

Getting professional help may reduce symptoms of depression and assist with creating a sense of wellness and contentment in your life.

  • When excessive worrying is becoming too much a part of your daily life, or  feeling anxious results in countless sleepless nights and appetite disturbances… it’s time to seek help!

  • If your relationship with your spouse, family members, friends and coworkers includes frequent feelings of anger and frustration, and you fear that your relationships are's never too late to seek help!

  • If you or your child tends to avoid social conversations, and withdraw from interactions with friends and acquaintances due to feelings of anger or anxiety…it is time to seek professional care!